Gift from my ðŸ’˜

I don’t usually write with My posts, but this time I wanted to share how I got this baby. Just a few days after christmas my husband and I went to a flea market and saw these sewing machine and what I liked about it was that it had a monogram but I didn’t buy it then, because the guy wanted a lot of $$$ for it and he didn’t even know if it worked or not, so we left without it. Two Sundays passed and we went back, and it was still there, my husband looked back at me and asked me “Do U Want it?” I didn’t want him to spend  ðŸ’° not knowing if the machine would work, but he knows me, so he went and started negotiating the price because some things were missing like the foot control. finally they agreed on a price and we got it. We took a risk anyway, because again there was no way to test it over there. once we got home the first thing I did was clean it, because it smelled like cigarettes and it was yellow-ish, then download the manual which by the way was free, follow the instructions steps by step and it WORKS!!! I’m so happy that it works, Now to learn more about it and see what new projects  I can make with it.

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