Reminder Alert

I left a reminder on my cellphone calendar for my next post incase that I didn’t do it after a while and It work!, that’s the good news, sadly the only think I can post and update is my current situation, which doesn’t have anything to do with sewing, crafting or diy project. At the moment I’m in like a standby mood, I haven’t sewn anything since the end of January when we were notified that our lease wasn’t going to be renew, the owners decided to sell and we had to move once again this time the place we found and could afford is a lot smaller than the previous places we have been living in. We just finish moving and I haven’t figure out a space for my sewing and crafting stuff everything still in boxes, at least what I was able to keep because there’s no storage space and I sold most of sewing machines, tables, some tools, fabrics etc.

Hopefully I’ll find my creative side once more and if so, I’ll post more of my work soon.

2 thoughts on “Reminder Alert

  1. Good luck finding your sewing space! It can be nice to have a break sometimes but you’ll be so glad when you have it back πŸ™‚ I now only have the dining table to sew on, it works as long as I plan to spend chunks of time not little bits – but I’m still perfecting the best way to pack up so it’s efficient to get it out again! You’ll find what works for you once your sewing desire returns πŸ™‚

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