Crochet baby dress set #3

Crochet baby dress set #2

Crochet baby dress set

Crochet boots for 12*25*2016

knit (purple/blue) ponytail hat

Teal tab curtains

Trying the red crochet pattern


Two years ago I told my relatives that I would not do it again, and today I am doing it again. Upholstering and giving a new look to these chairs

Purple crochet set 

Plaid shirt to gown

Baby bibs (felt)

Decorative towels

Copy a short halter dress

Bathroom towels

Seat crochet covers

Mouth mask

This can be use for so many different reasons

Curtains for the bedroom

Cowboy crochet set done!!

Now that I finally gave this set to the future Mom, I can show it up. 🙂 ❤

My Friend “G” new blanket…

I loveeee the blanket my friend made.... ❤