Got more thread, yes!

More thread enough to inspire me 👍💓

Personal bag ( pink, brown & green)

My daughters first bag

Bathroom towels

Green gloves

This guy knows how to make me smile, 🙂

updating my studio curtains

littler by litter I've been updating the garage which I use as my sewing studio, this time were the curtain, more updates coming soon. 🙂



2 colors crochet bikini top

after making some adjustment to the pattern, in order to have my fav. Colors in it, this is how it's look... @nd I'm happy with it... ❤ Final look!##

Finn’s backpack

My son just loved about any cartoon that he sees on TV, and for this month of October he started to asked me to make him a Finns backpack, because I want my kids to be creative I propose an idea that I would look up for information on how to make the backpack, but … Continue reading Finn’s backpack