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More thread enough to inspire me 👍💓

Crochet baby dress set #3

Crochet baby dress set #2

Crochet baby dress set

PJ’s 4 boys

My son wanted another pj, but this time he wanted to make it himself, and with just few instruction, he was able to do it using his older pj as a guide.

knit (purple/blue) ponytail hat

adding a zipper to an old closed sweatshirt

BB’s short cake

The birth of a bb girl of one of our member at church has inspired me

White Skirt

  I've made a skirt for my niece, but l liked it so much that have to made one for me too.  

Elvis print fabric

I went  to my local store to buy something's and couldn't resist to get this Elvis fabric, knowing  that someone very close to my is a Fan of this long gone celeb. And then decided to make him a pillow cover and a pair of short pants. I'm feeling happy knowing that Tonight someone is … Continue reading Elvis print fabric

quinceanera dress repairs!!!

ahhh!!! what a work, not easy at all to please a teenager this days.  My daughter just turned 15 few days ago, but before that day came, I wanted to make her a dress, a simple one, to take a picture of her, to remember, you know  memories from that only, unique, special day.  I knew … Continue reading quinceanera dress repairs!!!


Round placemat

Women’s Clothing

harness for cats


white dress

Organizer & more

made this organizer for a gift to my mother in law, so that she can use it for her gardening

4 babies

I didn't knew what too do with the fabric that i received, i just started making cloths for my daughter dolls, and ended making baby cloth. Then few birthdays unexpected came to happen and i just gave them as gifts.

PJ’s 4 Teens

When my nice came to visit us for the summer, she was so excited, because it was her first time traveling out of the island and on a plane, so she forgot a lot of thing like night gowns & pj's, thanks to a clearance in a local store l was able to buy enough … Continue reading PJ’s 4 Teens

Finn’s backpack

My son just loved about any cartoon that he sees on TV, and for this month of October he started to asked me to make him a Finns backpack, because I want my kids to be creative I propose an idea that I would look up for information on how to make the backpack, but … Continue reading Finn’s backpack

Maxi dress

1. Make sure to lay and align fabric flat. 2. Draw and cut pieces out according to given layout and measurements. (make sure to keep lines and angles straight 3. Straps sees layout - fold each strap along the fold line with ride side together and sew 1/4 seam leaving one end open turn and press. 4. … Continue reading Maxi dress

bath towel decor

because they were few towel of the same color, I try to decorate some of them so that everyone in the family knew which one belongs to whom.