Got more thread, yes!

More thread enough to inspire me 👍💓

Recent baby shower gifts

After hurricane. Irma it’s gone!…

Hurricane Irma is gone and there will be no school untill Monday and one of my son's got bored and asked me what he could do?. After I finished re-organizing all the sewing stuff in the garage, he came back and now he is working on his own experiment 😉😃👍

Personal bag ( pink, brown & green)

Stretch shorts

Used old shorts to make New ones

Wedding dress

My daughters first bag

Another sewing machine!

I saw it online for a few days, was priced very cheap, and I wonder why but decided that I wanted it, to my surprise when I contacted the owner, she texted me back the address with a messages that read "I'll leave it for you at this place ×××, just come and get it". … Continue reading Another sewing machine!

Gift from my 💘

I don't usually write with My posts, but this time I wanted to share how I got this baby. Just a few days after christmas my husband and I went to a flea market and saw these sewing machine and what I liked about it was that it had a monogram but I didn't buy … Continue reading Gift from my 💘

An injured bear…

My son saved the day, last week he saw an injured bear at his school, he felt sorry for him and offer the teacher to perform the surgery to fix it, and he did. The recovery was a quick one, so he will be going back to his owner today. 😀👍❤

More yarn!!!

This can only means one thing.

Crochet baby dress set #3

Crochet baby dress set #2

Crochet baby dress set

Russian doll

Trying to make this dolls to decorates my next project

PJ’s 4 boys

My son wanted another pj, but this time he wanted to make it himself, and with just few instruction, he was able to do it using his older pj as a guide.

Crochet boots for 12*25*2016

knit (purple/blue) ponytail hat

Baby bibs (felt)

Decorative towels

Bathroom towels

Seat crochet covers

Mouth mask

This can be use for so many different reasons

More baby sewing stuff

Cellphone fabric case

New sleeping cover

Love his face,  hahahaha....

Our cats new sleeping place

Still making few improvement, hopefully he likes it.

Bag for PE clothes

My son's were fighting over a bag our pastor gave me for whoever likes it, oh! boy that  created a huge argument between my two boy, finally they agree on how they were going to share it during the week, of course til someone made another one that looks like it, we'll not exactly like … Continue reading Bag for PE clothes

Sectional cover

The main reason for this project 3 teenagers. And yes this is the first time I take on a big project.  I make lots of mistakes, but learn along the way. The most notable are those big cream patches, I ran out of fabric and  $ too, so had to be creative and this is … Continue reading Sectional cover

Baby bibs & blankets finished

Baby bibs project

My baby bibs project it's on hold, 😦 sewing machine don't work power electricity <

More projects around the house

Pillow cover for Dad's and some window curtains for the boys room, viola! !!!

Baby blanket with lions image

Cute keychain

First time making this,I made some mistakes, but still think they look cute 😉

Double side coasters

One side for hot drinks and the other for cold drinks

Green gloves

This guy knows how to make me smile, 🙂

updating my studio curtains

littler by litter I've been updating the garage which I use as my sewing studio, this time were the curtain, more updates coming soon. 🙂



More quilts…

Cowboy crochet set done!!

Now that I finally gave this set to the future Mom, I can show it up. 🙂 ❤

Spring purse…

Getting ready for spring break!!!

Bible cover

well I finished my first bible cover, this one for my daughter with the colours she likes...

My Friend “G” new blanket…

I loveeee the blanket my friend made.... ❤

adding a zipper to an old closed sweatshirt

Felt Sewing projects

Click on the image and you will be able to see the original page.

My Friend hat for the season :)

My Friend Ginette's first hat, I felt so proud of her that couldn't resist to post it here, of course with her consent, and in respect to her, I kept her face cover-up from the public view.  please let us know what you think of it and you are also very welcome to rate it, and … Continue reading My Friend hat for the season 🙂

BB’s short cake

The birth of a bb girl of one of our member at church has inspired me

First felt project…

By Clicking on this image you will be taken to the original page. Pictures of the product will be post soon...

White Skirt

  I've made a skirt for my niece, but l liked it so much that have to made one for me too.  

Elvis print fabric

I went  to my local store to buy something's and couldn't resist to get this Elvis fabric, knowing  that someone very close to my is a Fan of this long gone celeb. And then decided to make him a pillow cover and a pair of short pants. I'm feeling happy knowing that Tonight someone is … Continue reading Elvis print fabric

Our first Quilt

Our first quilt Not been able to do any out door activity, because of the rainy weather and  not having the resource to take them anywhere, I try to keep my kids busy, because as any other kids they love to  watch TV and play VG, but I always try to involved them in different … Continue reading Our first Quilt

quinceanera dress repairs!!!

ahhh!!! what a work, not easy at all to please a teenager this days.  My daughter just turned 15 few days ago, but before that day came, I wanted to make her a dress, a simple one, to take a picture of her, to remember, you know  memories from that only, unique, special day.  I knew … Continue reading quinceanera dress repairs!!!

Chihuahua with harness

Here!! my mother in law chiguaguas, with the harness I made for them. for me they just look so adorable in them, so, but so, cutes!!!!


Round placemat

Women’s Clothing

harness for cats


white dress

Organizer & more

made this organizer for a gift to my mother in law, so that she can use it for her gardening

4 our Big BEAR

After the harness i made for our cat, our dog looks like he was jealous, so mami made him one just for him, and i think that this spoil kid looks great