Recent baby shower gifts

Another sewing machine!

I saw it online for a few days, was priced very cheap, and I wonder why but decided that I wanted it, to my surprise when I contacted the owner, she texted me back the address with a messages that read "I'll leave it for you at this place ×××, just come and get it". … Continue reading Another sewing machine!

Crochet baby dress set

Crochet boots for 12*25*2016

Trying the red crochet pattern

Seat crochet covers

4 July barefoot sandals

barefoot sandals for sale, a patterns may change but there's a variety to choose from and they will be available while they last, just click on the image and keep visiting the page, more will be coming soon..

Re-creating an angel

I've copy the pattern from the internet, hopefully it's look good at the end cause I don't really get the instructions,  😦

white dress